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First Responder Program

As a police officer for more than 15 years (majority with the City of St. Paul; working patrol, motors, SWAT, and as an undercover narcotics officer attached to the DEA), our broker, Cory Kochendorfer, has lived through it and understands the commitment our police officers, firefighters, and paramedics and their families put forth on a daily basis.

In honor of their selflessness, COEUR Real Estate Group is giving back to all active and retired first responders who commit so much to our communities in and around the Twin Cities area. 

First responders will receive 20 Percent back of the commissions COEUR Real Estate Group earns on a closed real estate transaction, as well as a $0 administration fee — an average total savings of $5,000.  

We’re partnering with local loan officers, a closing company, and home inspectors who are also giving back to first responders. (Note: you do not need to use these companies to receive the COEUR Real Estate Group first responder discount.)

If you would like more information, please fill out the form below or contact Cory directly at 651.260.9646 or email cory@coeurmn.com.

Terms and conditions of this offer are as follows:
  • Program participants must present identification and/or paperwork from the qualifying entity that employs/employed the participant.
  • This savings is only applied upon a successful real estate closing.
  • Any and all discounts will be reflected on the ALTA (closing) settlement statement.
  • All terms and conditions shall be listed in the representation contract.
  • COEUR Real Estate Group has the right to suspend this offer any time prior to signing a representation contract.